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Dancing With The Scars, True Stories of Hope Restored TJ Martini

Dancing With The Scars, True Stories of Hope Restored

TJ Martini

Published June 12th 2011
Kindle Edition
271 pages
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 About the Book 

Dancing with the Scars may just be the most touching and profound book that Christian author TJ Martini has ever written and it is definitely one that must be shared!Dancing with the Scars centers on nearly two dozen ordinary but very real people from all over the globe who share the most extraordinary challenges of their lives and how they made it through--but only by the grace of God.Although the challenges and heartaches these people suffered arent what we normally experience in life, their desire is that these stories will help others who are going through their own painful circumstances and to help them know there is hope for them, too.Simply put, every one of these stories is biographical, incredible, and also very true! Three of them even made national headlines several years ago, but up until now, their stories have never been told in their entirety:The kidnapping of an American missionary by terrorists in Russia who was tortured, starved, and held for nearly 8 months, and then threatened with decapitation if the $3.5 million ransom was not paid- The intense hostage situation at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado as told by one of the victims held at gunpoint for six intense hours by a crazed maniac who threatened to blow up the building if his needs were not met- and the pint-size teenager from Santee, California who was tormented and tortured by his classmates for months (going as far as to setting him on fire). Then eventually taking matters into his own hands, he killed or injured more than a dozen people in his school, including students, a teacher, and a security guard. His story will break your heart as will many of the others stories inside this book.Dancing with the Scars is written in a way that will not only help other Christians get through tough times, but it is also sensitive to the non believer, so they will know that they are not alone--no matter what this life may bring.If you are one of those people who struggle with the belief that there is a God in Heaven, who loves you more than anything, or you know Him, yet you sometimes feel abandoned and confused, Dancing with the Scars is a must for you to read. There isnt anything you cant get through in this life if God is in your heart. Surrender to Him! Then let Him have the first dance--scars and all!