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The Dastard (Xanth, #24) Piers Anthony

The Dastard (Xanth, #24)

Piers Anthony

Kindle Edition
388 pages
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 About the Book 

Becka was a crossbreed - the daughter of Draco Dragon and a lovely human woman who met, by chance, at a Love Spring. Now fourteen, Becka was beginning to wonder where in Xanth she belonged - on the ground with her mothers people or flying the skies with her fathers kind. So she journeyed to the Good Magician Humfrey to discover her True Purpose in life. Much to her astonishment and surprise, the Magician told her that a great Destiny awaited her - one that would affect the future of all Xanth. To unravel the mystery of her Fate, Becka did as Humfrey bade her: traveling afoot to the statue of the dreaded Sea Hag to meet the man who would be waiting for her there, and offering him her assistance. But to her dismay, Becka discovered that the one who awaited her there was a dangerous, despicable libertine who called himself the Dastard. Once a common country boy, the Dastard had sold his soul to a detestable demon in exchange for the power to erase events and rewrite history to suit his own devious ends. Lacking a conscience and filled with craven self-loathing, he roamed the width and breadth of Xanth in search of anyone happier than he was. Once he found them, he used his malevolent talent to unhappen their happiness, so that others could share in his misery. Determined to honor her vow, but despairing of her ability to help this man and still preserve her virtue, Becka set out on a wide and perilous journey.