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Passionate Hearts Anthology

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 About the Book 

Passionate Hearts ReviewThis anthology is physically attractive and colorful with romantic cover art that greets the reader. The stories are written from both female and male perspectives. There is a great deal of variety here making for an enjoyable reading experience.The first story in this collection is Victoria Howard’s “Her Protector.” This is a romantic suspense story that keeps the reader guessing. Matt Hemmings connects with Alexa McAllister as she leaves Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Is it love at first sight or is something more going on here? Romance and mystery interconnect in a satisfying way.The second story in this anthology is “The Riddle” which I happen to have written.Set in Giza, scientists are exploring the mystery of the Sphinx. The story combines romance, humor and science fiction.In “The Vacation” by Chelle Cordero, Darlene’s husband has left her and the childrenrefusing to even provide child support. She is struggling to survive. That’s whenBob comes into her life. Bob has been seriously injured in Iraq. The two find love and comfort together, but life it seems is never quite that simple. Enter Darlene’s ex!Michael Bracken writes in many genres. He recently won the prestigious Derringer Award for short mystery fiction. “An Engaging New Year” begins with a kiss onNew Year’s Eve. Why a “stranger” propose marriage to our heroine?Just when Diane, an overweight pediatrician is ready to give up on love, Tony, a sexy physical therapist, literary stumbles over her at the beach in Charmaine Gordon’s witty and entertaining “Take Me As I Am.”“Immortal Love” by Melinda Clayton has a great opening: “He saw her, for the firsttime in two-hundred years…” Timeless love makes for a romantic theme inthis contemporary story.“Simmering Wedding” by Marilyn Celeste Morris is a very different sort of story in itscomplexity. Set in Korea before the start of the Korean War, there are a series of interrelated characters and relationships. This story could be developed into a literary novel.In “Destiny Beach” by Angelica Taylor, Candice is constantly dreaming about meetingMr. Right on the beach. Will it happen?In “Paco’s Visions” by Robert Hays, Mama Jan is hired by Mr. Sebastian to work at his Sanibel Island mansion. Paco and his sister, Rosa, both love the island. But then Paco hashis vision of the cat Marmalade being eaten by an alligator. He worries that it might betrue. Meanwhile Mama Jan and Cajun Captain Dupuis develop strong feelings for eachother. But where will it lead?“A Firefly for Thanksgiving” by Kathie Harrington is a touching romance. Those who’veserved in the military will appreciate this story in particular.“After the Ball” by Misha Crews takes place in the summer of 1957. After Midge nearly dies, she goes on a vacation and meets her fate in the form of a young child who introduces Midge to her father. A spooky story with a romantic twist.Each tale has its own unique focus. Altogether, there are sixteen stories to read and enjoy.