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Eyes of the Abyss: A Collection of Poetry & Prose Lady Gia Bathory

Eyes of the Abyss: A Collection of Poetry & Prose

Lady Gia Bathory

Published November 12th 2007
Kindle Edition
173 pages
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 About the Book 

From the dementedly morbid, to viciously sexy.  The Lady Bathory takes us, once again, into the soul of the truly tormented.  Violent symphonies meld with torturous attraction and Gods in gilded cages caress...with tender, sadistic seduction.Gia takes us to the altar of the Goddess of lust in Purgatory and the never ending agony of love.  Truly, an all out fiendishly passionate look into the mind of the mad....Eyes of the Abyss is a dangerously intimate look into the mind of its Author. Mournful works such as Shattered, On the Fields of Mars and Sacrifice chill to the core with lamentations for the lost, such as Tower. And hymns of bitter solitude like Misunderstood.From the thrilling and perverse, to the sorrowful agony of loss…Theglass wall view into the heart of the Abyss. Lady Gia Bathory cuts deepinto the flesh of what raw lyrical artistry is made of. Even Beatnikflows such as Justin and Treading Dawn blend almost seamlessly into the eclectic brew that is Gia’s latest work.Not only a candid collection of lyrical liquid, Eyes of the Abyssis dually a strikingly open diary of Lady Bathory’s personal life.Granting readers a closeness that is otherwise impossible for them tohave with her. She rips her heart open and bleeds for the world,showing them that yes, she is a Goddess…but also a woman who feelsdeeper than most can comprehend.“…There comes a point in everyone’s life where they are deep in theAbyss. Be it by their own or someone else’s doing, they sink. When youare that far down you stare into the void gaping before you…andsometimes, the Abyss looks back. That is when you know that madness hastaken you as his lover.” - Lady Gia Bathory  - From GiaBathory.com