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A Ship with No Name Richard Hersey

A Ship with No Name

Richard Hersey

Kindle Edition
344 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is the story of rescue operations in the English Channel just before, during, and after the D-Day invasion aboard an ocean-going tug, a ship with no name. The memoir, written by the executive officer of ATR-3, tells compelling stories of the invasion, the operations of the ship, the sinking of the Leopoldville, and the long trek across the Atlantic back to the U.S. Its filled with beguiling characters, both Naval and civilian, as the mostly young people of the greatest generation confront the challenge of world war. This is a narrative that has guts and tells it like it was during those fear-filled days before the D-Day invasion. It describes men, for the most part, under extreme pressure and performing to the utmost to pull blown up LSTs or Destroyers to safety from Utah and Omaha Beaches.