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Turning Amber Jeff White

Turning Amber

Jeff White

Published March 30th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is a hard erotica S & M book, dealing with the consensual destruction of a mans testicles.The written word is not censored in the same way as visual erotica- if this book was a film it would be banned. Even as a book though potential readers should be aware that the subject matter is very disturbing, and it should not be bought by anyone who might be offended by the subject of erotic castration.Ambers boyfriend wants to see her make love with other men. Reluctantly at first she agrees to go with two men she meets in a bar, and although she doesnt allow Jim to watch, she does let him taste her afterwards. Then another lover has the idea that she should indeed let him watch, but that she should punish him afterwards for his voyeurism by letting the men kick his balls. Amber finds the idea incredibly erotic, and when she puts it to Jim he is so desperate to watch her being taken that he agrees to sacrifice his testicles. After all, she has no further need for his sex now that she has a wide choice of much better lovers.And so one night she invites three very sadistic men around, knowing that once theyve started on her mans genitals there would be no stopping them- they go even further than theyd planned when they decide to prevent him from having an erection by smashing his penis up with two bricks ….Once again, this book must not be sold to anyone under the age of eighteen, and its appeal will only be to a limited niche market. Do not buy if you are not a part of that niche.